Child Learning Disabilities

Is your child struggling to read? One of the main child learning disabilities is not being able to read. According to the National Assessment of Educational Progress (NAEP), one of out of every four eight graders can’t read at a basic level or understand what they are reading.

Many parents aren’t aware of these child learning disabilities. And unfortunately many of these children grow up not being able to read properly and this hampers their chance of success later on in life.

Therefore, whether you are a parent or a teacher being aware of these learning disabilities is important and helping your child to read is essential. For children facing a serious reading disability, we recommend the use of a reading specialist. A reading specialist can help parents implement a foundational reading program that will address issues such as letter and word recognition and give children an appetite for reading and learning.

We recommend Rene. She has years of experience with child reading disabilities. We encourage you to visit her website which gives plenty of good advice and provides resources for parents.

Rene at

Rene: "I'm a reading specialist and I work with learning and reading disabled children. One thing I stress to parents is to make sure they have made a special reading corner for their child. This could be in a corner of their bedroom or it could be a special chair with a crate of books beside it in the family room.

A child who struggles with a reading disability or one that has a specific learning disability needs an incentive to read. Making that special place for THEM and having books (comics, how-to books, I SPY books, etc.) they like close at hand, tells them that you think reading is important. For some reading corner ideas, click here.

A child reading disability can be very frustrating and discouraging for most children. Therefore it is important that the parent (or guardian) read to the child and with the child on a daily basis. I would suggest doing it in this special reading corner. Using the “reading corner” as the place to read, shows your child how important reading is.


READING: The Cornerstone to Success

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