Cheap School Supplies

If you are looking for cheap school supplies, buying online can be a great way to save both time and money! gives advice on school supplies children need and offers a smart and easy way to buy cheap school supplies online.

Elementary school supplies that you should get include:

  • Ball point pens, pencils, markers
  • Erasers and correction fluid
  • Sharpeners
  • Scissors
  • Lots of lined paper and blank paper
  • Notepads and composition books
  • Glue and tape
  • Rulers
  • A calculator
  • A backpack

bic ball point penIf you’re looking for ball point pens, we recommend the BIC Round Stic Ball Pen. The quality of the pens is premium and the price is very cheap. You get a big box of reliable pen at a great price (about 13 pens for a dollar!). The ball point pens are long lasting (there is 1.25 miles of writing in each pen). Another thing that we like about BIC pens is that the translucent barrel allows you to see how much ink is left. What else…the ball point pens look great and write great!

dixon pencilsFor pencils, we recommend the Dixon Ticonderoga. The pencils are high quality, made of reforested quality California cedar wood. They write smoothly and nicely, and the tip doesn’t break or snap as often as other pencil brands. And unlike other pencils, the eraser doesn’t leave marks behind. The pack includes 96 pencils and is really great value for money. If you are looking for colored pencils, try the Crayola crayons. Crayola also offers washable markers, ideal for children. The markers are half-sized, perfect for small hands, and as with other Crayola products, they offer a wide variety of colors.

mead composition booksAfter purchasing your pens, pencils and markers, you can get lined paper, blank paper and notepads (see below for access to our cheap school supplies). We also suggest that you get composition books. Composition books are very useful as kids can practice writing. They usually also include multiplication tables and grammar tips. You can get the Mead Composition Books. We like the Mead composition books because they are very sturdy and the pages are thick. They have the old school look and different colors for different school subjects. They also include a class schedule on the inside front cover, a multiplication table, a conversion table and a page with grammar tips. We believe they are really good value for money considering the high quality of the books.

child calculatorYou cannot think about elementary school supplies and not think about getting a calculator. We don't suggest any kind of calculator. The Educational Insights See 'n' Solve Visual Calculator is not just any calculator. It really helps elementary aged children reinforce basic math skills. Unlike other calculators, this one displays the calculation just as you would write it out, helpful for visually seeing all the parts of the problem. All in all, an ideal kid’s calculator.

child backpackFinally, cheap school supplies also include backpacks. Which backpack should you choose? A rule of thumb is that a child’s backpack shouldn’t weigh more than 15% of the child’s bodyweight and should correspond to the height of the child. For instance, parents should select a smaller backpack for a younger child. It should have well-padded shoulder straps to protect the neck and the shoulders. Ideally the backpack should have a waist belt. We recommend the Lands’ End backpack. It is geared for kids ages 5-8. It has a padded back and padded shoulder straps. It is extra light and very durable thanks to the strong nylon material. It includes many features such as a webbing loop that you can use to clip a lunch box.

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For your convenience, we have gathered a list a cheap school supplies below:

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