Ping Pong Game

The ping pong game is played around the world and is even more popular in China where it has become a national sports (even though it originated in England).

Playing the game can be a good physical exercise as children increase their heart rate, sweat and burn calories. Ping pong also requires skill including accuracy, good placement of the ball and strategy. It is a very fast-paced sports which helps kids develop hand eye coordination, reflexes and alertness.

Players also have to use their brains in order to devise strategies and react quickly. So the table tennis game is not only good for your body it is also good for the brain.

Unlike other sports such as baseball, football or ice hockey, ping pong is a safe sports. You can conveniently play it indoors at home and the very light ball can cause no injury. And you can play it anytime you want (you don't need daylight).

Anybody can play the table tennis game. You kid doesn't have to be tall or have a specific body size (like football) in order to play. And adults and children can play together, compete with each other and have a great time.

joola table tennis table
Price: $382.99
Age: 8 and up
Skill: sports
Furthermore, it is a relatively inexpensive sports. Ping pong paddles and balls are cheap. The only expensive component is the table but considering the time you are going to spend using it, it is definitely worth the price and you can find tables for less than $400 online.

We recommend the Joola Inside Table Tennis Table. what we like about this ping pong table that it is very easy to assemble and to move. It is also easy to store. It matches exactly the specifications of the professional table tennis game. And it is a very good quality and very sturdy table tennis table. Available at less than $400, we believe that it is great value for money.

In order to play table tennis you also need a ping pong ball and a ping pong paddle. The ball should be 40 milimiters in diameter. And the quality of the ping pong ball can range from 1 to 3 stars, noting that 3 star balls are used in international tournaments.

We recommend Stiga Table Tennis Set. The set includes 4 table tennis paddles (two black and two red paddles) and six balls. The paddles have a nice grip. The balls are 3 stars and 40 millimiters. Considering that table tennis paddles can price at around $50 and more, we believe that this is a cheap set.
stinga ping pong paddle
Price: $39.48
Age: 8 and up
Skill: sports

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