Matching Games for Kids

Matching games help children enhance their memory

Matching games for kids are fun and they help children sharpen their mind and enhance their memory. By playing these games (also known as memory games) children stimulate their brain. They learn to concentrate and they develop their thinking and problem solving skills. They also learn to memorize images and words.

Matching games consist in cards (with images or words or both) that are turned over and that players have to match. If two cards are turned over and they don't match, players turn them down again. If they can associate two cards, they score points. The player with the most matches wins the game. Kids have to remember the hidden cards that's why the game enhances memorization skills. They also have to concentrate and think and use their logic to determine each pair.

These games play a little like card games. Parents and children can play together and have a great time. Actually they can also become quite challenging even for adults (some adults don't have a good memory). What is certain is that they are definitely not boring. Don't be surprised if your 4 year old beats you in one of these games.
melissa and doug color matching game

Melissa & Doug Color Matching Game

There are many memory games that you can get. The Dora matching game is one of the most popular but you can also buy memory games with Disney themes (for example: the Disney Princess Edition Memory Game). The Dora matching game is very popular. We recommend the Dora Explorer Edition Memory Game (for ages 3-6). It plays like a typical game of matching. Kids flip two cards over and try to match the cards. The player with the most matches wins. Furthermore, the game features popular children's characters such as Dora, Swiper and Boots which children usually love. Overall, the Dora matching game is a must have for preschool children.

A color matching game follows the same concept but consists mainly in matching colors. The Melissa and Doug Snort and Snap Color Match for ages 3-6 plays with a board and consists in sorting cards and matching them by color. Children put pegs in holes in order to hold the cards in place. By sorting the cards, children develop some math skills. They can also express their creativity by making pictures and different patterns using the cards on the board. The game comes with instructions and a list of activities. The board and the cards are very durable and can last for years. Overall, we believe that the game is great value for the money and a great idea for a birthday present.

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