Map Games for Kids

With map games for kids, children practice their geography and learn how to place countries, cities, continents, oceans and seas on a world map. But before you look for fun map games, you should consider a beautiful children's world map, such as the Eeboo World Map, that you can hang in the bedroom. It can serve as great decoration and it can help your children memorize cities and countries. Usually children love maps and they love pointing at countries and cities. They also enjoy dicussing the map with their parents or with other children.

Practice maps

With practice maps, children use a blank world map and identify continents, countries and cities. There are many ways to use practice maps. For example, you could use a blank map of Africa and then buy a magazine (such as National Geographic). Your kid can then cut and paste images that are related to the African continent such as lions, zebras, giraffes. If National Geographic has a picture of an city in Africa such as Cape Town, South Africa, have your child cut that image and place it on where Cape Town should be located on the blank map of Africa.

The same could be done with a blank map of Europe. Buy a magazine, then ask your child to cut images related to Europe. If the magazine contains a picture of the Eiffel Tower, have your child place that picture on the blank map of Europe, where Paris should be located. You could do the same using a blank world map. By the way, your child could use the completed map as decoration in the bedroom which will also help memorize key cities, countries and continents!

You can also buy practice maps online. We recommend the maps made by Shape Etc. They usually contain 30 sheets per package and they are great for practice. They can also be laminated and made into big books.

Electronic interactive maps a.k.a. tag maps

leapfrog interactive world map

Leapfrog Interactive World Map

Electronic interactive maps are also great. Because they are interactive, there are fun and they can help children memorize countries, states and cities. One electronic interactive map game that we highly recommend is Leapfrog Tag Maps World (for ages 4 - 7). What's great about this interactive map is that children not only learn to place countries and continents on a map, but they also learn about various cultures in the world. Kids click on the map and they find out how you say hello in other countries, what people in Asia or the Middle East eat, etc. The map is very large and is double-sided: one side in a political map and the other side is a topographical map. Being a Leapfrog product it is highly durable and well-designed.

Map puzzles

Other map games for kids that you can buy include geography puzzle games. With map puzzles, children have fun putting a puzzle together. They also learn about countries and continents in the process. Most map puzzles are detailed and contain the names of cities, states, continents, oceans, mountains. By the way, the puzzle can be glued together and once competed can serve as decoration in the child's bedroom.

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