Magnetic Letters For Kids

Children familiarize themselves with the letters of the alphabet

Magnetic letters for kids help children become exposed to the letters of the alphabet early on. Preschool kids can learn to sort these magnetic letters in alphabetical order and even to spell simple words such as "cat" or "dog". Toddlers and children as young as one year old can also play with magnetic letters by sorting the magnets into piles of colors or into lower case/upper case letters. This teaches them color recognition and they learn to become familiar with letters.

How to choose magnetic letters for kids

There are many magnetic letters sets available at any toy store. For toddlers we recommend magnetic letters and numbers that are chunky enough to play. They usually are in the upper case form. For older preschool children, there are magnetic letters sets that have both upper and lower case letters. Make sure you pay attention to the recommended age indicated on box. Another benefit of magnetic letters is that they are usually inexpensive. And children can practice spelling new words everyday in the kitchen on the fridge or dishwasher and have fun.
magnetic letters

Melissa & Doug Magnetic Letters

We recommend the Melissa & Doug Magnetic Letters (for ages 3 and above). The letters are made of wood and the front is painted with a smooth, shiny enamel. The letters are large, good for younger children, and contain both upper and lowercase letters. And like many of the Melissa & Doug toys, there are durable which is not often the case with other magnetic letter sets. We also recommend the Educational Insights Magnetic Alphabet and Numbers. They contain uppercase and lowercase letters and 20 numbers. The set also comes with math symbols that can be used when your child grows older. Educational Insights also has the AlphaMagnets and Math Magnets Combo Set (designed for children 3 years old and above). This set contains uppercase and lowercase letters, numbers and math symbols.

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