Kids Alphabet Stamps

Kids alphabet stamps to learn the alphabet

Kids alphabet stamps are a great way for children to learn the letters of the alphabet. By playing with alphabet stamps, kids write and read words and express their creativity. Children usually love using these stamps. And by using them often, they learn to recognize each letter of the alphabet, even entire words, and to stamp their name.

Before you know it, children will stamp more than their name but also new words such as "car" or "house" and even entire sentences. For example, they could work on a drawing, draw a house using an art easel and below their drawing stamp the words "my house". They could draw a car and then stamp the words "our car". Isn't it a great way for children to learn their ABCs all while having fun?

melissa and doug alphabet stamp set

Melissa & Doug Alphabet Stamp Set

Our recommended alphabet stamps

You should choose a good kids alphabet stamp set and we have selected two that we believe are the most reliable, educational and value for money that you can get. The first stamp set is the Melissa & Doug Deluxe Alphabet Stamp Set (for ages 4 and up). What we like about this set is that it contains letters in both upper and lower case and it even contains punctuation signs. We also like the wooden box provided which is great for storage.

The second set that we recommend is the Educational Insights Uppercase Alphabet Stamps (for ages 3 and up). This one only has letters in uppercase and punctuation (be careful there are no numbers provided). However the stamps might be easier to use for younger children thanks to handles that are easy to grasp and stamps that are just the right size for little hands. A plastic box is also provided here to store the stamps.

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