History Channel Documentaries

History Channel documentaries are really entertaining and they are also a great way to learn history. The documentaries cover US history (for example, Independence Day, the American Revolution), ancient history (Ancient Rome, Ancient Greece, Ancient Egypt), medieval times, World War II, and many other periods and events in world history. The History Channel has many documentaries and we have selected some of our favorites.

America - The Story of Us

America The Story of Us covers US history from 100 years after Christopher Columbus steps foot on American soil to today. This History Channel documentary goes over the American Revolution, the Declaration of Independence, the western expansion, the development of the railroad system in the 19th century, slavery, the Civil War, and has biographies of historical figures such as George Washington and Henry Ford. The reenactments are great and the graphics are really compelling. By the way, another of the History Channel documentaries that you can get that covers US history is called "The Revolution".

The Dark Ages

Another History Channel documentary that we like is called The Dark Ages. It starts from the fall of the Roman Empire with the barbarian invasions, the chaos that ensued and then the period dominated by figures such as Charlemagne and Clovis. What we like about this documentary is not only that it is educational, but that it shows how at some point in history civilization regressed. Europe went from having a sophisticated road system, aqueducts bringing fresh water to cities, to being plagued by endless wars, with cities now full of filth and deadly diseases. We definitely consider it as one of the best history documentary DVDs that you can get.

Engineering an Empire: The Complete Series

history channel engineering an empire

History Channel Engineering An Empire

Engineering an Empire: The Complete Series is a DVD set that covers many different periods in history in many different regions in the world (for example, China, the Mayas in Central America, Ancient Egypt and Ancient Rome) and focuses on how civilizations were engineered rather than battles and wars. The documentary analyzes the Great Wall of China, the Great Pyramids of Egypt, Notre Dame de Paris, the Eiffel Tower, the Parthenon in Athens, aqueducts in Ancient Rome. The graphics are amazing and give you a feel of how it was like to walk in ancient cities such as Rome or Athens.

The Third Reich: Rise & Fall

The Third Reich: Rise & Fall covers the rise and fall of the Third Reich, from how Hitler came to power, the invasion of Poland to World War II. It even contains actual video from the period and interviews German people who lived during the period and who tell their experiences. The narration is truly remarkable and the actual footage really amazing.

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