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•  The Engineering An Empire DVD is a documentary about the great civilizations of the world.
•  Educational and entertaining.

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Engineering an Empire: The Complete Series review

Engineering an Empire: The Complete Series is a DVD set about the great civilizations of the world. The documentary covers many different periods in history in many different regions in the world (for example, China, the Mayas in Central America, Ancient Egypt and Ancient Rome). It focuses on how civilizations were engineered rather than on battles and wars. The documentary analyzes the Great Wall of China, the Great Pyramids of Egypt, Notre Dame de Paris, the Eiffel Tower, the Parthenon in Athens, aqueducts in Ancient Rome, etc. The graphics are amazing and give you a feel of how it was like to walk in ancient cities such as Rome or Athens.

Skills developed: knowledge of history

This documentary is both entertaining and educational. Kids learn about great civilizations and their engineering.

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