General Knowledge Games

Studies have found that children with good general knowledge tend to get better grades at school and to express themselves better verbally and in writing. That's why having good general knowledge is important.

Trivia games

Fortunately there are many fun educational games focused on general knowledge. There are trivia games such as the Professor Noggin's trivia games which has won many international toy awards and with subjects such as science, art, history, geography, nature, animals, birds, wildlife of North America, American Presidents, etc. The Professor Noggin's trivia games are for all ages and the whole family can enjoy spending time together playing these games.
trivial pursuit the family edition

Trivial Pursuit Family Edition

Trivial Pursuit is an extremely popular general knowledge trivia game that has sold millions of games in 26 countries. It contains questions on geography, history, art, literature, science and nature. The object of the game is to move around the board by correctly answering trivia questions with questions being split into six categories. Players use a die, playing pieces, question cards, and plastic wedges to fit into the playing pieces.

Electronic encyclopedias, documentaries

Encyclopedias and especially electronic encyclopedias such as the DK kids' encyclopedia are a great way for kids to acquire general knowledge and get interested in learning. These encyclopedias contain tons of information on various subjects, engaging images and even videos that capture children's imagination. Educational documentaries are entertaining to watch and can teach children history, science, arts, literature and a number of other topics. Instead of watching a program with no educational value, why not spend an evening watching an entertaining educational documentary?

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