Fun Activities For Toddlers: Motor Skills

In this section we provide fun activities for toddlers ideas involving motor skills. Gross motor and fine motor skills are important for your child's successful progression. But what are motor skills? Gross motor skills involve movements of the large muscles in the body, for example arm and leg muscles. Toddlers usually control and develop these movements faster than fine motor skills. Gross motor skills activities involve running, walking, climbing, crawling, rolling over, etc.

Fine motor skills represent movements of the small muscles in the body, for instance hands. Fine motor skills activities include writing, grasping, pointing and reaching. Fine motor skills are usually the longest to develop for kids. Gross motor development is important because it helps strenghten your child's muscles and because without gross motor skills, your child cannot acquire fine motor skills. That means that it will take longer for him or her to have control over the body and to participate in more sophisticated activities such as painting, writing, putting puzzles together, etc. The lack of motor skills can delay your child's development. There are activities that can help your kid develop fine motor skills. In this section, we provide you with activity ideas that will help your child develop both gross and fine motor skills. Try them, they are a nice way to spend a fun time with your child.

Activity #1: Playing Cook (Ages 2-3)

Here is one of the fun activities for toddlers. Cooking with your toddler is another way to spend a fun time and increase your kid's fine motor skills all while working in the kitchen.

Instructions: we recommend that you cook cookies that you and your child can enjoy later. Roll with your child cookie dough on a lightly floured surface. Show your toddler how to use the cookie cutters. Have your kid sprinkle with chocolate and candy decorations. Of course always watch your child to make sure that he doesn't cut or burn himself.

Benefits: develops your toddler's fine motor skills, language skills, mathematics and science skills.

Activity #2: Learn About Animals (Ages 2-3)

Among all the fun activities for toddlers this is one of our favorite! This another fun activity that can teach your child about the world of animals but also help him develop his gross motor skills.

Instructions: get animal cards or pictures (check our section ages 2-4 games). Have your child pick an animal picture. Imitate how the animal moves and what sounds he makes. Be creative! For instance if your toddler picks a snake, start crawling on the floor. If he picks a dog imitate the dog's walk and make barking sounds. If you're not good at imitating you can also buy toys that makes animal sounds. Then have your toddler imitate you. Have your toddler pick another card and repeat the process.

Benefits: develops your toddler's motor skills, enhances his imagination, teaches him about the world of animals.

Activity #3: Play Basketball! (Ages 2-3)

You can play basketball at home with your toddler. This will develop his hand/eye coordination and develop his motor skills. This is one of our favorite fun activities for toddlers.

Instructions: get a medium sized foamball. Get a basket or a cardboard box and put it against the wall (check our section ages 2-4 games for physical games). Stand one meter (3 feet away) or closer from the basket and give your child the ball. Tell him to throw it inside the basket.

Benefits: good for your toddler's hand/eye coordination, develops his motor skills.

Activity #4: Treasure Hunt (Ages 2-3)

Here is a fun toddler activity that develops your toddler's thinking and problem solving skills.

Instructions: buy a toy that will make the treasure worth finding and a nice reward for your toddler. Hide the toy in a room preferably in sight but slightly disguised. Important: make sure the toy is not too hard to find. Introduce your child into the room. Direct him by giving him clues such as "you're getting closer or you're getting farther". Hide another toy and contninue playing the game.

Benefits: develops your toddler's cognitive, thinking, and problem solving skills. It develops his language skills as you direct him to the toy.

Some of the activities ideas on this page have been graciously submitted by visitors like yourself. If you have any activity ideas to add, take a moment and submit your idea here. We will review it and you'll be taking part in creating the web's ultimate resource for educational activities ideas that both parents and children can enjoy.

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