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•  This DK software helps kids enhance their knowledge of world history.
•  Contains 36 activities, 8 locations in the past and more.
•  Fun history video game.

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DK software: My First Amazing History Explorer review

The DK video game My First Amazing History Explorer (for ages 6-10) is a fun educational video game that teaches kids world history. In this game, kids travel back in time to eight different locations in the past including the Roman Empire, ancient Greece, ancient Egypt, medieval Europe, Imperial China, the Inca Empire, the industrial Age and even to a 1920s city.

The game story

Kids have to rescue a missing history professor called Professor TimeStein. As they do this, kids participate in activities that teach them history facts. They also have to answer various multiple-choice questions. A voice then explains the answers. There are also many entertaining educational pop-up videos that teach kids about specific historical events and periods. Another fun part of the game is that players can take photos of themselves in different historical locations.

Decent graphics, works on most platforms

The graphics are pretty good and unlike other video games, this one really has an educational value. Kids learn history facts without realizing it all while having fun.

This game works on most platforms including Windows Vista, Windows 98, 2000, Me and XP. By the way, DK has other educational software that teach geography ("DK First Amazing World Explorer 2.1"), anatomy ("DK My Amazing Human Body 1.2"), science ("My First Amazing Science Explorer card. ") or grammar ("Nova Development US Grammar Made Easy").

Dk also has an electronic encyclopedia that we highly recommend which contains lots of engaging images and which is packed with information that easy for kids to read and understand. For other history games, we recommend the Professor Noggin's history trivia games. Professor Noggin's has games games focused on US history, ancient Egypt, other ancient civilizations, etc. There are also other video games with historical themes that you can check in our history games section.

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