Chore Charts For Kids

Chore charts for kids to get kids organized and develop positive habits

Chore charts for kids are a great way to get kids organized and have them develop positive habits. They can be used by children as young as three and can be expanded as children grow up to reach their early teens. With chore charts, children help with chores in the house and see their achievements on sticker charts.

Chores that children can do include help make the bed, clean up the bedroom (for example: pick up toys), take the laundry to the laundry room, dust, help in cooking or set the table. For younger children (before school age), chores should be simple (for example: get dressed, brush teeth, pick up toys). For school aged children, chores can be expanded and become more complicated (for example: mop the floor, fold laundry, help in the kitchen, clean windows).

Chore charts for kids help children and parents keep track of completed responsibilities. They can also be tied to rewards. By the way, rewards do not have to be large to motivate kids. They can just be stickers, a small allowance or various privileges. Even small rewards can really motivate kids and push them to do more.
magnetic responsibility chart for kids

Melissa & Doug Magnetic Responsibility Chart

This thinking process (doing chores, see rewards or “work before play”) will help them throughout their lives. With responsibility charts, kids can develop a good work ethic, become organized, keep positive habits and gain the motivation needed to achieve various tasks. Kids usually love going back to the chart every day, and track what they have achieved and earned. You will be surprised what responsibility charts can achieve. For example, if you have a child who is unwilling to pick up his or her toys, you will be amazed how responsibility charts and this wonderful product can motivate your child to do that and more.

There are many responsibility charts that you can get in the market. We recommend the Melissa & Doug magnetic responsibility chart which includes a dry erase board and 90 magnets with behaviors and rewards. We also recommend this website:, it offers advice on chore charts and even has printable charts that you can download!

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