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With this volcano making kit, children make a volcano erupt and learn about volcanoes.

The kit introduces children to chemistry and geology.

Incredibly realistic volcano eruptions.


Watching a volcano erupt can truly be a fascinating experience for children. But what is the educational value of a volcano kit? Actually making a volcano is like running a chemistry experiment: for the volcano to erupt, various chemistry processes have to take place. Various ingredients have to be mixed accurately and everything has to be done step-by-step.

These kits can also inspire kids to learn more about chemistry and move on to chemistry sets after working on their first volcano eruption. Furthermore, volcano kits introduce children not only to chemistry but also to geology. As they work on their volcano experiment, more curious kids can research volcanoes and learn more about how they erupt. Actually some kits even contain information about volcanoes.

Volcano making kit that makes amazingly realistic volcano eruptions

The 4m Volcano Making Kit is great because it makes amazingly realistic volcano eruptions. It is actually one of the most popular volcano making sets in the market!

Designed for ages 7 and above, it contains a volcano mold that you can paint, plaster and a manual with detailed instructions. Please note that you are required to get vinegar and baking soda (and water) at your local grocery store. By the way, you can also use dye to make the baking soda look red like lava!

So if you wonder what to do with your kids this week-end, how about working on a volcano kit? You will see that even adults enjoy working on a volcano and making it erupt.

Another positive besides the fact that it makes incredibly realistic volcano eruptions and that it gets kids interested in science, is that it is amazingly cheap at less than $ 10.

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