US Presidents flash cards

us presidents flash

Ages: 4-8
Skills: history, memory
• With US Presidents flash cards, players learn about US Presidents, what they looked like and information about them.
• They also learn various facts about US history.
• Adults can also enjoy this card game.
• Great travel game.

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US Presidents Cards

US Presidents Pocket Flash Cards is designed for children ages 4 to 8 but it can also be enjoyed by adults. It is more than a fun flash memory card game.

Players learn about all the past US Presidents. They learn not only their names but also their faces. They learn about their accomplishments, the dates of their terms, their political parties and various facts about the history of the United States. Actually the images of the Presidents' faces are official White House portraits.

The game contains era cards (seven era cards) with information about various periods in American history. The card game also contains information about the history of each political party. The game also has activity cards which help players learn more about US Presidents and the history of the United States.

You can also make the game more interesting by asking your kids questions about US Presidents. For example, who was the first President of the United States? How did the two parties evolve? Who was the President during the Civil War?

What we like about this game is that it is really cheap and that it can also make a great travel game (ideal for the summer holidays). Also the cards are durable rounded which makes them safe for children to use.

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