Scrambled States Of America

scrambled states of america book


•  The Scrambled States of America is the fun story of states swapping places.
•  Also contains a US geography puzzle.
•  The puzzle won the Oppenheim Best Toy Award.
•  A great way to learn US geography.

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Scrambled States of America (book and puzzle) review

The Scrambled States of America (book) (for ages 6 and above) is a really fun story about US states swapping places so they can see another part of the country. Here is a summary of the story: at the beginning, the states are very eager to change places. For example, some northern States want to move to the warmer south.

But eventually things start to go wrong: Minnesota moves to Florida and gets a bad sunburn; Kansas moves to Hawaii and becomes very lonely. Eventually all states become homesick and are happy to move back to their original locations. Overall, Scrambled States is an entertaining book and a cute story to be enjoyed by both children and parents and also a great way for kids to learn about US geography.

After you and your kid have read the book, you can work on the fun jigsaw puzzle. The 150 piece puzzle (18 x 24 inches) also contains 10 state-shaped secretly hidden pieces. By working on the puzzle, kids will learn the names and the shapes of states without realizing it. The puzzle box also contains a picture that you can use to complete the kids jigsaw puzzle. By the way, the puzzle won the Oppenheim Best Toy Award, which is another reason why we highly recommend it.

We recommend the 50 States geography board game which is related to this book and which can help kids learn the geography of the United States noting that it is designed for children ages 8 and up. We also recommend USA map puzzles for kids who are starting to learn their states and capitals! There are many other board games and puzzle games that can teach kids the geography of the United States.

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