Science Photo Cards

Science photo cards are great to have. Photo cards have a picture on the front of the card and information about the related scientific concept on the back. The pictures on the photo cards can inspire children to study science subjects. Example: a photo card with a picture of the Earth’s atmosphere on the front and scientific information about the composition of the Earth's atmosphere on the back. The back of the card usually discusses the image and the scientific concept related to the image and provides a list of scientific words and their definitions. This helps children acquire new words and enhance their scientific knowledge.

Children learn many science subjects

Science photo cards can cover a wide range of science subjects including: the weather, Earth, the universe, matter (and how matter can change), energy, animals, habitats, etc. For example, kids can learn about evaporation or melting and understand the physical process that turns water into vapor or water into ice. Another example would be how iron rusts and the chemical process that creates rust on this metal. Science cards can push children to find out more about a specific science subject by looking for further information in an encyclopedia or on the internet.

Science cards are just another way (along with books and encyclopedias) for children to acquire new knowledge and get inspired to learn. They can be kept for a long time and they can also be used as mini posters in the bedroom / classroom or placed on a desk. By the way, they can also be used by teachers and can be great learning tools in the classroom.
weather photo card

Understanding Weather Photo Card

Photo cards that you can get

There are many kinds of science picture cards that you can get. There are easy to get online and they are usually relatively cheap. You can also get used cards online keeping in mind that some people keep them as collectible items. Learning Resources and Creative Teaching Press both have wide range of science picture cards. Among all the science cards that you can get in the market, we recommend the Creative Teaching Press cards (ages 7 and above). They cover a wide range of subjects, they are durable and they are really well-designed. Creative Teaching Press cards have engaging pictures and the back of their cards cover in detail the selected science subject. Furthermore, they are easy to read and specifically designed for children. We like especially the cards covering the Earth, matter, energy and habitats.

Children tend to enjoy them more than books. Therefore, if you are looking for a way to get your child interested in science, getting these cards is a great idea!

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