Printable Multiplication Tables offers you free printable multiplication tables. It also offers FREE addition, subtraction and division tables that your kid can use to learn and practice her tables! Why is multiplication important? When your child is in third grade, she will have to learn her multiplication tables. You may wonder why in the age of calculators and computers, it is still important for kids to learn their tables. Even though it’s easy nowadays to solve multiplication problems just by using a calculator, studies have shown that kids that know their tables (and that includes also addition, subtraction and division tables) do better in math. Children are also able to solve problems more quickly and more easily if they know their tables. Furthermore, almost every operation and math problem involves multiplication in some way. And your kid will also have to use multiplication in real life.

addition table

subtraction table
Subtraction Table

multiplication table

division table

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The 6 Times Multiplication Table
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       from "Times Tables Rap".

   We also recommend their multiplication songs.

There are also games that can help kids improve their math and that can be more fun than using multiplication tables. the multiplication tablesWe recommend a great book called Teach Your Child the Multiplication Tables. This book is everything a multiplication workbook should be and usually kids find it a lot of fun. The book contains lots of beautiful pictures and is set around a circus theme. Kids also learn the patterns for each of the table and use memory tricks in order to recall multiplication facts and understand the principles of multiplication. Overall, a great book that can make learning the tables fun.

math war multiplicationWe also recommend a game called Math War Multiplication. This game is another exciting way for children to learn their multiplication table while having fun. Recommended by math teachers, kids understand the concepts of multiplication and can learn their multiplication tables in a span of a few hours. This game can be played by the whole family and is a really innovative and fun way for kids to learn their tables.

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