Darice Painting Kit for Kids

darice painting set


•  This painting kit for kids includes many colors and accessories.
•  Comes with a portable case.
•  Great kit for children and beginners.

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Darice painting kit for kids review

The Darice 80-Piece Deluxe Art Set (for ages 5 and above) includes 2 paint brushes, 24 color pencils, and many various colors such as oil pastels, watercolors, etc. It comes with pencils and many painter's accessories. It also comes with a beautiful portable case, ideal if you and your kid want to go paint somewhere outside.

Do not expect the pencils, brushes and the colors to be very high quality. Bear in mind that this painting kit is designed for children starting from ages 5 and / or for young beginners and is priced at below $ 40 (actually it can often be found at an even lower price). Therefore, the kit is great for younger children and it can make a great (Christmas) gift. However, we would not recommend it for a teenager or for an adult wanting to learn how to paint.

Overall, this painting kit is great for a child who wants to have fun painting and learn the basics until he or she moves to a more sophisticated and expensive painting set.

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