Monopoly Game Board

monopoly board game


•  In the Monopoly game board, children complete transactions and count, add, subtract numbers in the process.
•  Children use logic, strategize and think before making transactions.

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Monopoly Game Board review

The traditional Monopoly game board needs no introduction but what are the benefits of this game for school age children? Not only does Monopoly help children improve their counting skills, it also helps them understand the value of money and how decisions that they make in their lives can have an impact on their financial position in the future.

In Monopoly, children have to use logic, strategize and think very carefully before making any decisions that could affect their future. Monopoly also teaches children that luck plays a role in their financial success. Therefore, they have to take into account good (and bad luck) in their financial decisions and not hesitate to gain from a stroke of good luck (or from a good opportunity).

The Monopoly board game also teaches children how to deal with other people and especially it teaches them that sometimes helping others can be beneficial. There are many situations in the game where players have to help or strike a deal with other players. As you know, Monopoly also has a space called prison. It basically teaches children that trying to cut corners and being dishonest can lead to jail. Monopoly also teaches about patience and investing early. And how investing early can lead to high rewards in the future. Finally, the Monopoly game board also educates about the dangers of excessive borrowing and how excessive debt can lead to financial disaster.

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The Monopoly board game comes in many versions and with different themes. There is also a version specifically designed for elementary school age children called Monopoly Junior Edition. We actually recommend this version for younger children because it is a scaled down version meaning it has a smaller board, smaller denominations of money (between 1 and 5 dollars) and most of all, fewer rules so that it is easy to understand and play. Smaller denominations are great as in real life a young child will only deal with small amounts of money.

Monopoly Junior Edition takes place in a theme park, and the game consists in buying different attractions and collecting ticket fees for each attraction. The player that ends the game with the most money wins. In this game kids count money and spaces, and they make change. Overall one of the best money games for kids before they move on to the traditional Monopoly game board.

Therefore, Monopoly is more than a money game for kids that can help children practice counting. This game also teaches about investing and the value of money noting that many children grow up without a good understanding of money. Above all, the Monopoly board game is a really fun family game that can be enjoyed by both adults and children.

Skills developed: Basic math skills, logic

The Monopoly game board is a great game where children complete transactions and learn to count, add and subtract in the process (as they count change). And just like other money games for kids) it also teaches them about money and finance. They also learn about saving, budgeting, investing and spending responsibly.

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