Thames & Kosmos Crystal Growing Kit

crystal kit

•  With the Thames & Kosmos Crystal Growing Kit, children grow crystals.
•  Manual with instructions for experiments provided.
•  Sold over one million kits worldwide.

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Thames & Kosmos Crystal Growing Kit review

The Thames & Kosmos Crystal Growing Kit sold over one million kits worldwide and it is one of the crystal experiment kits that actually works. With this kit, children grow many kinds of crystals (from smaller to giant ones) and conduct various experiments with light. A manual is provided that explains in detail how to conduct the experiments and what the various crystals are made of along with their structure and properties. We also like the treasure chest provided where kids can store and display their crystals. The only negative here is that this set is designed for older children (ages 12-15) as the experiments can get a little complicated for younger children.

Skills developed

By conducting experiments, children get introduced to science and chemistry. Children also learn about geology as they learn about the structure of crystals.

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