Civil War Board Games

Civil War board games are fun whether you are a Civil War history buff or looking for a fun board game that requires strategy. These games are a great way to memorize dates and learn about key battles of the American Civil War.

Another great aspect of American Civil War games is that they can be enjoyed by both adults and children. They are great family games and it is not unusual to see a parent and a child spend hours playing together.

Civil war board game #1: Battle Cry

We have selected two Civil War board games that we believe are among the best in the market today (both are new editions). The first board game is called Battle Cry (for ages 12 and up).

In this game, you play various scenarios of the Civil War and you can play either on the Confederate forces' side or on the Union's side. Even though this game may not have as much detail or may not be as educational as other Civil War games, it does cover various scenarios were players experience various historical battles (e.g. Gettysburg, Prairie Grove, etc) and the game can inspire players to learn more about the Civil War.

It requires luck and strategy and is played with a board and cards, dice, plastic figures and various tokens. What we also like about this game is that the rules are easy to learn and that the game is overall easy to play.

Civil war board game #2: House Divided

The second game that we recommend is House Divided (for ages 12 and up). The name "House Divided" is in reference to Abraham Lincoln's famous speech called "A House Divided". Just as with Battle Cry the game requires strategizing and analyzing and a bit of luck (it is played with a dice) which makes the game really enjoyable. Players re-live the entire American Civil War.

The first game starts in 1861 and the last game ends in 1865. What we like about House Divided vs. Battle Cry is that it offers more detail about the Civil War, the board and map cover most of the U.S. Hence we believe that it is even more educational than Battle Cry). However, the rules may seem a little more complicated and it may take more time to understand how the game is being played (it still remains relatively simple in comparison to other strategy games).

Battle Cry
easy to play
not as educational as other board games
House Divided
a lot of detail
rules not as simple as Battle Cry

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