Choosing the right baby learning toys

Baby learning toys come in all shapes! Babies need to develop their muscles and acquire a sense of coordination and movement. With play mats (also called play gyms) babies have a fun time practicing various movements such as reaching for objects, lifting the head, sitting up or standing up.

Babies also need to have their five senses stimulated so that their brain can develop. Some play mats have electronic devices that teach babies words and songs. Ideal if you're looking for a toy that can stimulate your baby's senses and teach your baby new words.

We recommend the Fisher Price Rainforest Melodies and Lights Deluxe Gym. This playmat stimulates your baby with music, lights, nature sounds, games, etc. It also includes a spinner with rattling beads and a shiny mirror (good for your baby's hearing and vision).


Jumperoos are baby learning toys that we recommend. With jumperoos babies spin, bounce up and down, slide sideways, etc. Therefore, they allow babies to grow their muscles and increase their large motor skills. Jumperoos often contain electronic devices which activate lights, sounds and music. These devices stimulate the baby's visual and auditory senses and can teach him or her words.

baby einstein jumper toy

Baby Einstein Jumperoo

Jumperoos are usually designed to be very safe to babies. Despite the intensity of the activity involved, parents can have peace of mind that their baby is safe. We recommend the Baby Einstein Jumperoo. It has many height adjustments and contains many toys to stimulate your baby's senses (e.g. baby proof mirror). It also features electronic devices such as piano keys that your baby can play with.

Sorting and stacking toys

There are baby learning toys that help babies develop their intelligence. Intelligence for babies means being able to understand cause and effect and recognize shapes and colors. Stacking and sorting toys are among the most popular developmental baby learning toys available in the market today. These toys are suitable for both babies and toddlers. They help babies enhance their hand-eye coordination, and recognize size, shapes and colors. They also help them develop problem solving skills at an early age.

Some of these toys will form an animal shape when stacked correctly. Some even contain electronic devices that produce a light or sound when your baby stacks the rings correctly. We recommend the Tiny Love Musical Stack and Ball Game. It can teach your baby the concepts of size, height, depth, sequence and colour and can stimulate your baby's senses as it integrates lights, sounds and textures.

Electronic toys

leapfrog electronic book toy

Leapfrog Electronic Toy Book

There is a whole range of educational electronic toys that can help you baby expand his or her vocabulary, learn about numbers, colors, shapes and opposites. For example, the Leapfrog Electronic Toy Book (a toy in the shape of a book containing large buttons) can produce sounds such as letters, words, phrases and numbers.

Babies can usually tap and pound on the toy and hear sounds and see lights of different colors (which also helps them learn about colors). We highly recommend the Leapfrog electronic book toys. They are great infant learning toys and they are usually very well-designed and help babies explore words and their meaning.

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