Advertise with Us advertisement policy

Smart-kid-educational-games is a website with thousands of unique visitors per month and the number of visitors is growing! Our homepage has a Google Page Rank of 3 and our website's Alexa traffic rank is constantly becoming better.

If you are a company looking to increase your business and/or your website's visibility, offers advertising with a preference for companies related to games, toys and children.

Our advertisement formats include:

  • text links that blend in nicely in a paragraph,
  • banners of different sizes placed either on the page or on the right column,
  • banners without links (if you are a business without a website).

Our advertisement rates per month are based on the following:

  • the ad format (text link or banner),
  • the size of the banner,
  • the location of the banner (at the bottom, middle, top of the page or in the right column),
  • our page's Google Page Rank, noting that the highest rates apply to ads on the homepage,
  • the number of pages you wish your ad to appear.

Indicatively, our text link ads (with an anchor link) have been pricing at $20-30 per month on tier 2 and tier 3 pages. Our rates may change as our website's traffic, Google Page Rank and Alexa rating increase.

If you like our website and our website's mission (which is to select games and activities that have an educational value) and would like to contribute, we also accept Paypal donations. We really appreciate donations as they help us grow and improve our website.

For more information on advertising and donations or for any other questions, you can contact us at: smartki2 [at] smart-kid-educational-games [dot] com or by filling out the form here.

Thank you.

The team.

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