Baby & Toddler Activities (Ages 0-3)

In this section we provide you with toddler activities ideas that are both fun and educational. Are you looking for fun ways to spend time with your toddler? We select activities that contribute to the positive development of your child.

The early years of life are the most important for children. That's when the child's brain develops and learns to make connections. These years determine how your child will grow and develop.

Motor Skills Are Important

One very important aspect of the child's development is her motor skills. How she develops her motor skills will affect how she performs in other physical and intellectual activities later on.

There are two types of motor skills: fine motor skills and gross motor skills.

Fine motor skills are skills such as the ability to manipulate small objects and write. Specific activities for toddlers that can enhance fine motor skills include playing with puzzles, painting, cutting, threading, playing with blocks, cooking (playdough).

Gross motor skills are bigger motor skills like jumping, running, hopping. These skills require that the toddler works on his balance and coordination.

In our motor skills activities section, we provide fun activities for toddlers that help develop both fine and gross motor skills.

Fun Reading Activities

Expert studies have shown that reading to your toddler helps stimulate her brain. As a result, reading also makes your toddler more intelligent! Reading stories not only helps you child acquire vocabulary but also increases her imagination. Reading also familiarizes her with books and helps create a love for reading.

We provide you with a list of ways and reading toddler activities that you can use with your child. Even at that early age, reading is a key activity and a nice way to spend time with your child discussing stories together.

We have many other great ideas for activities for toddlers so check them out! For each activity, we explain you what skills your child will acquire.

And come regularly to our website as we will be adding more baby and activities for toddlers!

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