Spoons Card Game


Ages: 7-11
Skill: concentration
• The Spoons card game helps players work on their concentration.
• Fast-paced matching game that sharpens the mind.
• Played with cards and spoons.

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Spoons Card Game Review

The Spoons game also known as Pig and Tongue (ages 7 and up) is a fast-paced matching game played with an ordinary pack of playing cards and several ordinary kitchen spoons. The game requires players to have a sharp mind and stay focused and helps them develop concentration skills.

Spoons is designed for children ages 7 to 11 but even older children can enjoy it. This card game is played in multiple rounds by up to ten players therefore it is also a good family game.

Rules of the game
Each player’s objective is to be the first in the round to have four of a kind or not to be the last to grab a spoon. Cards are shuffled and four cards are distributed to each player. The Spoons are placed in the middle of the table.

Players choose one of their cards an pass it to the player on their left and take one card from the player on their right. Players cannot have more than four cards. When players have four cards of a kind, they place one spoon in front of themselves.

When a spoon is take, all the other players attempt to get the remaining spoons. The last player to grab a spoon is the looser. The looser is eliminated from the game. To play another round, four cards from the deck are removed.

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