Old Maid Card Game

odl maid

Ages: 5 and up
Skill: math
• Withe the Old Maid card game, younger children learn written numbers and letters.
• Fun family card game.
• Beautiful cards with fun characters.
• Durable set.

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Old Maid Card Game Review

Old Maid is a card game that helps children recognize written numbers and letters. By playing the game, children learn the alphabet, the shape of each letter and they also learn to count and how numbers are written.

Rules of the game
In this game, players look at their cards and discard any pairs they have face up. Players continue to take card and to discard pairs until all players have no cards. The player left with the card that cannot be matched, the old maid, becomes the loser.

Card set that we recommend
We recommend the Eeboo Old Maid Playing Cards (click on the picture on the left). We really like the artwork on the set of cards which is beautiful. The cards feature characters such as the "Old Maid", “Firefighter Finn", and "Inspector Eyeball". The set is also very durable, made of thick cardstock (unlike other cardstocks that are paper thin) and can be kept for years. Ideal if you have many children and want to keep playing the game.

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