Preschool Activities for Kids!

Here are just a few fun preschool activities for kids that will give you ideas on how to spend a fun time with your child. These activities are also a good way to contribute to your child's positive development.

Play with Letter Cards (Ages 4-5)

Among all the preschool activities, we like the ones that contribute to your child's pre-reading skills. With this activity you will teach your kid to recognize letters and learn how to pronounce them. This game is also a way to develop your child’s motor skills and problem solving skills!

Instructions 1: Buy letter cards (check out our PRESCHOOL GAMES section) and hide them around the house. Make sure that they are not too difficult to find. Your child will have fun looking for the cards and this will also improve his motor and problem solving skills. When your kid finds a letter have him pronounce the letter loudly. Have him find all the letters around the house and give him a reward (a fun educational toy).

Instructions 2: Buy letter cards (check out our PRESCHOOL GAMES section). Make sure that they contain one set of lower case letters and one set of upper case letters. Sit on the floor and have your child match each lower case letter with the uppercase one.

Benefits: this game helps your child recognize letters (including upper and lower case letters). This also develops his motor skills and problem solving skills.

Walk in the Park/Forest (Ages 4-5)

With this activity you will enjoy an afternoon walk with your kid and teach him how to name certain items from nature and initiate him to reading. This is also a great way to make your child connect with nature.

Instructions: Get a bag. Go to a park or to a forest near your house. Walk through the park and have your child collect items such as flowers, leaves, rocks, etc. Teach him how to name each object that he finds. For instance have him pronounce the word “FLOWER” if he picks a flower. Back at home, have him glue some of the items on a piece of paper and write the name of the item. Hang his work in his bedroom. Be careful that your child doesn’t swallow any of the items or doesn’t hurt himself while looking for them in the forest.

Benefits: Expands your child’s vocabulary, teaches him how to read words and fosters a love for nature.

Read a Story (Ages 4-5)

This activity will increase your child’s vocabulary, expand his imagination, and create a love for reading.

Instructions: Buy a storybook that contains lots of images and that is suitable for your child’s age. Sit in a comfortable area. Read the storybook, make sure you change the tone of your voice and that you read clearly and slowly so that your child understands you. Discuss the story with your kid. You can stop in the middle of the book and ask him to imagine how the story will end. Then continue reading the book to find out the ending.

Benefits: Ignites a love for reading, increase your child’s vocabulary and imagination, favors brain development.

Create a Storybook! (Ages 4-5)

This preschool activity will boost your child’s self-esteem, increase his creativity and imagination (good for brain development) and enhance his thinking skills.

Instructions: get sheets of white paper, magazines, along with pictures of your child and family. Get some glue, pen, pencils, a stapler and scissors. Be careful that your child doesn’t get hurt with the scissors. Open the magazine and cut some pictures that your child finds interesting. Together with your kid glue each picture (from magazine, and from your child and family), especially pictures of containing your child, on a sheet of paper. Discuss each picture with your child. Once you’re finished with all pictures, staple all the sheets together in a specific order, and create a cover page write a title for the storybook. Then read the storybook together again!

Benefits: increases your child self-esteem, enhances his thinking skills and creativity.

Play Sound (Ages 4-5)

This preschool activity will teach your kid to recognize animal sounds, it will increase his vocabulary (for instance animal names) and enhance his thinking skills.

Instructions: buy a toy that makes animal sounds (check our “PRESCHOOL GAMES” section) or record animals sounds yourself using a tape recorder (for instance, dog barking, cat meowing, bird etc). Play the sound and as your child to name the name of the animal.

You can also buy a musical toy that makes all kind of sounds. Play each sound and ask your kid to guess the sound.

Benefits: this increases your child’s vocabulary, listening and thinking skills.

Walk on a Tightrope (ages 4-5)

In all the preschool activities, we also favor preschool activities that enhance your child's motor skills. This fun game increases your child’s motor skills and boosts his self-confidence.

Instructions: get in an area of your house that has plenty of empty space. Make a line on the floor using masking tape. First make a straight line. Then a make a twisted line. Walk first on the tape. At some point act like you can’t keep your balance until the end. Then ask your kid to walk on the tape. Help him if he is unable to keep his balance. When he finishes the game, make sure you congratulate him.

Benefits: increases your child’s motor skills, helps his eye/foot coordination, boosts in self-confidence.

Play with Sand (Ages 4-5)

Playing with sand increases your child’s motor skills. If you have noticed many preschools have yards with sand. That's why sand games make for great preschool activities.

Instructions: take your kids to a beach or get sand, a large carboard box, and a bucket of water. Have your child play with the sand, build castles, or different other shapes. Help him in the process. Ask him what he is building and participate in the construction with him.

Benefits: increases your child’s motor skills, develops his creativity and imagination.

Become a Reporter (ages 4-5)

This fun activity allows to spend a nice afternoon with your kid in a park or forest and increase his classification skills and vocabulary, all while creating a love for nature.

Instructions: Go to a park or forest near your house. Take a digital camera with you. Describe nature with your kid and have take picture of plants, insects and animals. For instance, your kid can take a picture of ants on the ground (use the zoom in the digital camera). Back home develop the pictures or print them using a color printer. Glue each picture on a sheet of paper and below each picture write the name of the plant, animal, object in the picture (for instance: “TREE”). Hang each sheet in his bedroom.

Benefits: Increases your child’s vocabulary, initiates him to reading, increases his classification skills, good for his motor skills, creates a love for nature.

Build a Home (ages 4-5)

What about other preschool activities? Preschool activities that will increase your child’s imagination and also increase his mathematics skills!

Instructions: Get a large cardboard box, duct tape, scissors (be careful your child doesn’t get hurt), non-toxic markers, stickers. Build a small house using the cardboard box (use the scissors to cut a door, windows, create a roof, etc..), have your child actively participate in the construction and decoration of the house using the stickers and markers. This can also be a house just for his stuffed animals. Populate the house with teddybears, pillows and other toys.

Benefits: increases your child imagination, thinking skills, science skills, creativity, motor skills, and boosts his self-esteem.

Alphabet Book (Ages 4-5)

This is among the fun preschool activities and a great way to increase your child’s pre-reading skills.

Instructions: get a notebook and on each page write the each letter of the alphabet. Then cut with your kid pictures of magazines with an object that start with the letter of the page on the notebook.

Benefits: increase your child’s pre-reading skills, but also helps his creativity.

Recognize (Ages 4-5)

You should also pick preschool activities that are good for your kid's memory.

Instructions: gather pictures on a picture including some of your child when he was just a baby. Have him recognize each person on the picture and ask him to describe what the person is doing on the picture.

Benefits: increases memory and communication skills.

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