Kid Birthday Gift Basket
Interview with Jackie

homemade birthday giftAre you interested in a kid birthday gift basket? We have interviewed Jackie from New Zealand to tell us more about gift baskets for children.

Hi Jackie, can you tell us a bit about you and your site?

Sure, I’d be happy to! I live in New Zealand in a place called Auckland, with my husband and 12 year old son and our eight cats! I’ve always loved anything to do with gifts and gift wrapping and enjoy the challenge of creating inventive ways of presenting my gifts, whether it be in a basket, a bag, a box or a bucket! I believe that the presentation of the gifts is just as important as the gift itself. My website was born out of a desire to share that passion and show others just how easy it is to create stunning looking gifts!

What’s the most popular kid birthday gift basket?

Mmmmm tough question, that one! It would be difficult to name just one gift basket as being the most popular gift baskets for children, because kids, just like adults, have their own individual interests. And it depends on the age of your gift recipient too.I always like to do a little investigating if I can and base my gift basket ideas around something I know that child is crazy about. For instance astronauts, or dinosaurs, or super heroes, or crafts, or reading, or space, or lego, or chocolate (what child doesn’t love chocolate?) or jewelry, or magic, or…….…….you get the picture!

What kind of containers are good to use for a kid birthday gift basket?

You can use all manner of items as containers when making gift baskets for children, depending on your gift items and your gift recipient. If your kid’s birthday coincides with returning to, or starting school, try using gift containers such as school backpacks or lunchboxes and fill with a selection of school related gift items. Wastepaper baskets, themed mugs, jewelry boxes, hat boxes, recycled bags, goldfish bowls or toy boxes are all great alternatives to gift baskets.

What would be some tips for putting together a kid birthday gift basket?

  • Choose your gift items to match your child’s interests and hobbies and jot down a few ideas. Try going through the alphabet for more inspiration, it’s a simple way of brainstorming more ideas. For instance A= animals, aliens, airplanes, B= birds, bats, boats, C= cats, cooking, crafts and so on.
  • Choose a gift container to match your gifts. Use your imagination and think outside the "basket"! If your budget is a little on the light side use a gift bag from your local dollar store. Line it with some colored tissue paper, add curly ribbon to the handles of the bag and a cute balloon.
  • Use your child’s favorite color, or a combination of colors to personalize their basket, especially for them! Even if it’s the most hideous shade of purple you’ve ever seen!
  • Most of all remember that planning a gift basket, or any kind of gift basket themes, should be a fun experience, so relax and enjoy yourself!!

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