Homeschooling: Create a Positive Environment at Home

Homeschooling is about learning outside of school and creating a positive home environment. This starts by having a special place at home where your child can study. A place that is free from distractions like TV, games, music and other activities not related to studying. This might seem obvious but many parents do not think about creating a space where the child can learn free from distraction.

Here is how you create a positive home environment in 5 simple steps:

Buy a small desk. Even if we're not talking about homeschooling as a replacement for school, a children's desk is important. There are even desks designed for preschool age children. Your child will use it to draw, read and expand his imagination. Without a desk, it will be more difficult for your child to get to opening a book or be creative. Make sure also that he has all the tools necessary (pens, pencils, pads, etc).

Buy a board that he can use either as a planner or to write letters, numbers or sentences. Buy shelves and populate them with relevant books. This can start with books for preschool children (check our section "READING GAMES"). Put books that will draw his interest, including encyclopedias for kids, and develop a love for reading.

Decorate the child's bedroom to make it look attractive and make the child want to study (if he shares a bedroom decorate his space). For instance, there are many good educational posters that your kid can enjoy.

Teach your kid organization. Being organized is an important skill set that will benefit your child in the longer run in all areas of life. Being organized starts by keeping his space clean when he is not studying or playing. And that also means that he learns to organise his time. Set a time for studying and another for hobbies. For that make sure that he has a large clock in his room. There are many clocks designed especially for kids. Have him use an assigment pad or his board as a planner. We also provide free printable weekly and monthly calendars that he can hang on the wall (check the "FREE PRINTABLES!" section).

Communicate with your child often. Listen to his problems. Participate in learnings activities with him. And try to keep a peaceful atmosphere at home.

Looking for Ideas for Teaching Children? Homeschool Life Situations is a Christian site where parents can find encouragement for teaching their childen who struggle with learning. The site has practical tips for homeschooling children. There are ideas for teaching children in preschool through high school.

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