A Great Family Board Game: Fur & Feathers!

animal farm cartoonMy children and I recently played a brand new family board game at Grandma's house. The game was called Fur & Feathers. It was an awesome game! The premise of the game is that by answering questions correctly (questions about animals) you get to save an animal. Whoever saves all 5 animals first, wins the game.

It was great because our 8 year old daughter is able to read all the questions to her 4 year old sister. (We let them share answers too.) Because we have a dog, much of the information was super relevant to their everyday lives. They loved learning about turkeys and cows through this family board game, and this started some great conversations with them on our personal philosophy about nutrition, organic food, and cruelty free farming! Better yet, we found out how smart Grandma was! Though almost 80, her knowledge base on animal matters was far superior to our own, and probably a testament to the lifestyle our parents had versus our fast paced city life.

So far, both my husband and the 4 year old won. The kids love to slide over the rainbow! As a busy Mom, I loved that the instructions to this family board game were completely user friendly and printed on a huge sheet of paper! I hate having to open up flimsy paper that has been folded umpteen times; so much that you can't even read the directions!

What really made this game special was that it was a game made in the USA. In today's economy, that is really becoming important to our family. With a house full of barbie dolls and Pillow Pets (which are made in China) it was nice to find an affordable eco-friendly game made in the USA.

As teachers, both my husband and I sort of really loved the fact that the questions were true/false and multiple choice. Even if we don't like that standardized tests are such a part of our children's lives, the point is that each year they do have to take tests that are multiple choice. This was good practice for the 8 year old to get used to that format. We could see her little brain disregarding certain answers and then making an educated guess between the last two.

And, as if this isn't enough, 15 % of the money spent on this family board game goes to animal shelters! This is a win win in our family! You really must try it out!

from Jocelyn, California

For more information, please visit: http://www.animalmatters.com

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