Volcano Science Project

Working on a volcano science project can be a fascinating experience for children. It can inspire them to learn more about all the chemical processes at work that make a volcano erupt. Making a volcano is similar to running a chemical experiment. It is actually a good way to introduce children to chemistry, geology and science.

Getting a volcano making kit is probably the first step prior to getting a chemistry set. Children usually love volcanoes and really enjoy working on a volcano science project. It is actually something both adults and children can work together on. Great if you are looking for a way to spend time at home with your kid.

volcano kit

4M Volcano Making Kit

Work on a volcano science project with a volcano making kit

A volcano making kit usually includes a volcano mold, plaster, paint, a brush (so that you can paint the volcano) and a stick used to stir the volcano. Making a volcano does not require using many (hard to find) chemicals. Rather they usually require just basic ingredients such as baking soda and vinegar, stuff that you can easily get at your local grocery store.

Watching the volcano erupt can be a fascinating experience for a child and can encourage him or her to run other experiments. By the way, for more advanced chemistry experiments, we also recommend you visit our chemistry for kids page where you will also find a selection of fun chemistry games.

One volcano making kit that we recommend is the 4M Volcano Making Kit (ages 7 and above). We recommend it because it is one of the most popular volcano making sets that there is in the market and also because it’s quite cheap. The kit includes a volcano mold that you can paint, plaster and a manual with instructions. You are required to get vinegar and baking soda (and water) at your local grocery store. You will be amazed how realistic the volcano eruptions look. By the way, you can also use dye to make the baking soda look red like lava!

Another kit that we recommend it the Volcano Madness by the Young Scientist Club (ages 5 and above, buy on Amazon here). With this kit, children make a volcano but also learn about volcanic rocks. Actually, with this kit, kids can also grow crystals using the powders provided. We recommend it because the eruption looks very realistic and because this game received numerous awards including the Dr. Toy 100 Best Children’s Products award. Also it was designed by a team of scientists and Harvard graduates and contains a helpful and beautifully illustrated manual that can spark kids’ interest in science.

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Don’t be surprised if you also enjoy making a volcano. If your kid gets really interested in volcanoes, there are also interesting DVD documentaries that you can get that explain how volcanoes function and describe the different layers of the Earth. For geology games, we also recommend that you visit our geology for kids page.

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