Geology for kids

Geology for kids helps children learn about the Earth’s surface, the different layers of the Earth and also about Earth’s history. Children love collecting rocks, crystals and fossils and learning about the different types of rocks and minerals as they discuss about the rocks and crystals that they have unearthed.

With geology games children run experiments, collect , sort and analyze rocks, fossils, crystals, and learn about the earth’s history and many other interesting geology facts in the process. Children also learn about the age of the Earth, the Earth’s structure, what the Earth’s crust is made of, where fossils come from, what causes earthquakes, how continents float around, etc.

Children can also create personal rock collections that they can display in their bedroom. The learning of geology also helps them expand their understanding of the world around them. For example, they can notice the geology around them by looking at the layers of rocks in mountains and layers that point to different time periods in Earth’s history. Or they can pick up rocks and identify them. This can inspire to become geologists or paleontologists or pursue studies in science.

Geology kits

excavation kit
GeoCentral Excavation Dig Kit
They are two games that we recommend not only because they are very popular but also because we believe that they are educational. The first game that we recommend is the GeoCentral Excavation Dig Kit (ages 5 year and up). In this game, children learn about 12 different kinds of minerals and how they come from 3 different layers of the Earth. What we like about this game is that it contains instruments for digging including a earthen block, various tools, a brush, identifiers and a really nice display box that children can keep in their bedroom. Children learn about the different layers of the Earth, they find out about the process of excavation and different kinds of rocks.

Another very popular game that we recommend is the 4M Crystal Mining Kit (ages 5 and up). This geology game focuses on crystals. Children excavate and analyze crystals including clear quartz, rose quartz, dolomite, agate, amethyst. They can also proudly display them using a display box. The game includes plaster rock, a digging tool, a brush and various other tools. Another thing that we like is that it contains a magnifier that children can use to closely analyze the crystals. There is also a book containing instructions.

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