Toys for 1 Year Olds

What are the best toys for 1 year olds? If you are looking for a toy for your baby or if you're looking for a gift, we recommend educational baby toys that help babies learn. What do 1 year olds need to learn? Firstly, they need to learn to move their bodies to develop their muscles, develop motor skills and acquire a sense of balance. Secondly, they need to learn to listen and communicate with the outside world. Thirdly, they need to learn to recognize size, shapes and colors, understand cause and effect and acquire problem solving skills.
baby board book


Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes Board Book

This baby book is contains nursery rhymes and songs and beautiful illustrations. It introduce babies to different parts of the body (eyes, nose, mouth, etc) and various babies' actions and helps them learn words and develop their language.

Baby books, $ 0-20

Leapfrog teddybear

LeapFrog Baby Tad Toy

The Leap Frog Baby Tad is a stuffed animal that your baby can interact with. One of the educational baby toys that can teach your baby new words, shapes and colors. It also includes activities, plays classical music and it can also sing!

Stuffed animals, $ 100+

walker wagon


Walker Wagon

For ages 1.5 years and up, the Walker Wagon can help your toddler to walk and it can also be used to haul toys. We also like the fact that it contain foam blocks that your toddler can play with.

Walkers, $ 30-50

fire engine walker


Fire Engine Walker Toy

This push toy is beautifully crafted with its bright colors and rubberwood. It is sturdy and fairly heavy so that your baby doesn't fall over. Another great feature of this toy is that the tension of the backwheel can be adjusted.

Walkers, $ 50-100

wheely bug


Wheely Bug

A great toy that helps toddlers move their bodies and develop motor skills. Toddlers can move back and forth or side to side. You can get the Wheely Bug in different patterns: bug, cow or bee.

Riding Toys, $ 50-100

haba building blocks


Haba Fantasy Blocks

Building blocks are among the educational baby toys that help babies develop fine motor and problem solving skills as they have to figure out how to fit shapes together. With this set of blocks, they can build structures such as towers, roads, etc.

Building blocks, $ 50-100

Leapfrog baby book

LeapFrog My First Book Electronic Book

This toy helps babies learn new words. It is in the shape of a book and has large buttons that babies can tap on. Each button produces a sound that can be a word, a number or a sentence.

Electronic toys, $ 50-100

verde building blocks

Verde Foam Building Blocks

This set of blocks includes 100 brighlty colored geometric blocks. The blocks are made of soft high density foam (meaning they are safe for babies) and can used to build various structures.

Building blocks, $ 20-50

tiny love sorting toy


Tiny Love Sorting and Stacking Toy

This toy can help your little one understand concepts such as size, height, sequence, colour, etc. It produces sounds and lights and is a great sorting and stacking toy for babies.

Stacking toys, $ 20-50

baby einstein jumperoo


Baby Einstein Jumperoo

With jumperoos babies spin, slide sideways, bounce up and down. They grow their muscles and develop large motor skills. This jumperoo also helps stimulate your little child's senses with its lights, sounds and mirrors.

Jumperoos, $ 50-100

fisher price storybook rhymes


Fisher Price Storybook Rhymes

The Fisher Price Storybook Rhymes is an electronic toy for babies that teach letters, numbers, words, colors and more, with pages that babies flip.

Electronic toys, $ 0-20

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