Baby Einstein Jumperoo

baby einstein jumper toy


•  With the Baby Einstein Jumperoo, babies develop their muscles by bouncing and spinning.
•  Stimulates senses thanks to lights and sounds.
•  Safe as it is designed for babies.

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Baby Einstein Jumperoo review

With jumperoos babies spin, bounce up and down, slide sideways, etc. They allow babies to grow their muscles and increase their large motor skills. Jumperoos often contain electronic devices which activate lights, sounds and music. These devices stimulate the baby's visual and auditory senses and can teach him or her words.

The Baby Einstein Jumperoo has many height adjustments and contains many toys to stimulate your baby's senses (e.g. baby proof mirror). It also features electronic devices such as piano keys that your baby can play with. It is designed to be very safe to babies. Despite the intensity of the activity involved, parents can have peace of mind that their baby is safe.

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