Sum Swamp Board Game

sum swamp board game

Ages: 4 and up
Skills: math
• Sum Swamp board game teaches addition and subtraction.
• Includes markers, three dices, four game pieces and instructions.
• Award-winning board game.

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Sum Swamp Board Game Review

Sum Swamp (ages 4 and above) is a fun board game that teaches children subtraction and addition and the difference between odd and even numbers. Players add and subtract numbers and have a great time playing a fun board game. Sum Swamp is also a great family game. It is actually designed to be played by up to 4 players of all ages can play together.

Game rules
The award-winning Sum Swamp math game consists in trying to escape the mire by rolling a dice. Depending on their luck and on which square they land, players move their way forward or backward by either adding or subracting numbers. To make the game more fun, there are also shortcuts provided (such as "The Crocodile Shortcut"). There are also traps such as "the Endless Loop", that players almost never get out of.

The game includes a large game board, markers, three dices (two for the numbers and one for the operations plus or minus)and four game pieces (one for each player). It also contains Sum Swamp rules in case you do not understand the instructions provided even though the rules are fairly easy to understand. They are also easy to find online in case you loose or don't understand the instructions provided.

The game is short. It usually lasts 10 minutes, 15 minutes max. Therefore, you can play many games, organize tournaments at home and play in teams. Short games are more fun and don't bore children as much (children tend to have a shorter attention span).

How the game teaches addition and subtraction
This is an ideal game if you have a child struggling with numbers or if you just want your child to acquire some math skills before he or she reaches school age. Actually the game can be played by children as young as 4. Teachers have also been using this game in the classroom in order to teach their students basic math skills without getting them bored.

You will be amazed to see how much kids love playing this game and happy also to see them practice their addition and subtraction as well in the process. By the way, you should also check our other math and logic games that help children acquire logic and math skills.

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