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childcraft kids encyclopedia
Price: $170.99
Age: 5 and up
Skill: general knowledge
The childcraft encyclopedia (for ages 5 and up) was designed back in the 1930s as an encyclopedia for kids. The initial objective was to make an encyclopedia that children would enjoy reading. It has been very successful ever since with new series being published every few years up until the 1990s. The encyclopedia contains texts that are easy to read and lots of beautiful illustrations which appeal to children.

The entire childcraft book set covers 15 volumes and each volume covers a specific subject. For example, one volume covers literature and contains information about authors and short texts taken from works of famous authors. Another volume covers science. Children get introduced to the fascinating world of science, learn about incredible inventions and famous scientists.

There is also a volume that covers history and the history of the United States. Through beautiful illustrations and maps, children learn about the American Revolution and the Civil War. Other volumes covers arts and crafts. Kids learn about famous paintings and painters and express their creativity by participating in fun arts and crafts activities.

There are many more volumes covering other subjects (geography, mathematics, music, etc). The childcraft encyclopedia is truly packed with information and can even be used to complete schoolwork. The fact that it is so easy to read and that it contains lots of beautiful illustrations makes it an encyclopedia that children, even younger children, can truly enjoy and that keeps them interested in learning.

There are many versions that you can get. The version dating back from the 1930s contains only 7 volumes and is extremely pricy if you manage to find it. We recommend the latest versions because every few years new content is being added and a consistent effort is being made to make the childcraft book appealing to children and easy to read.

It can easily be ordered online. Make sure however that you get the ENTIRE SET. Sometimes only one volume is being offered so in order to avoid any disappointment make sure that you get the entire set (the Amazon link we have provided gives you access to the 15-volume set).

If you are interested in encyclopedias for kids, we also recommend that you take a look at our page covering children's encyclopedias. There are also great encyclopedia software that you can get containing an incredible amount of information, images and even videos. Take a look also at our dictionary for kids section.

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