World Geography Games

If you are looking for world geography games, we recommend geography board games. Board games are fun. The family can get together and play one of these games and kids can learn about geography in the process!

After a few hours playing, kids memorize cities, capitals, countries, continents, oceans and seas without realizing it. You will be amazed how quickly they can learn and how after a few weeks, even days, they are able to identify and locate foreign countries on a world map and name you the different capital cities in the United States and Europe.

Obviously this will help them in school as they attend geography classes. Playing geography board games can also trigger in them an interest in world geography and other countries and cultures. By the way, we also recommend map puzzle games and map games for kids. Look into globes for the child's bedroom as well. We also recommend that you buy a world map or a United States map poster that you can hang

One geography board game that we recommend is Brain Quest Around The World by University Games (for ages 8 and above). In this game, players explore the world and answer questions about different cities, countries and continents. There are tough and easy questions, so that the game doesn't get boring and so that players increase their level.

Another one of the geography board games that we recommend is Name that Country Game by Educational Insights (ages 8 and above). The game starts at the post office. Players twirl a spinner to select one of 60 countries. If the player correctly identifies the country's location on the board's number map, he or she may advance along the path to the finish.

We also like the Out of the Box geography board games (ages 10 and above). They have received the Dr. Toy's Smart Play Smart Toy Award. It is designed for children but adults can also thoroughly enjoy these games. There are different geography games with different themes. There is a board game covering the USA, another Asia, and another Africa. Other countries are also covered. Kids travel a country by jet, car and on foot. It is another of the geography games that makes learning geography fun.

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