Stuffed animals for babies that develop the 5 senses

How to choose the best stuffed animals for babies? Babies mostly need stimulation. Their five senses including touch, sight, hearing need to be stimulated so that they can develop. Babies have a fuzzy vision. They can only make out light, shape and movement and distinguish just a few colors. Therefore, they need visual stimulation.

leapfrog baby tad plush

LeapFrog Hug & Learn Baby Tad Plush

The best stuffed animals for your baby

For eye stimulation, we recommend stuffed animals that have bold colors. Most stuffed animals do not have bold colors that's why it's important that you pick those that have. We recommend pandas, penguins or dalmatians. For example, the Zoobie Pets Panda is designed for babies with bold contrasting colors, perfect for your baby's vision. It also made with a material that stimulates your baby's sense of touch. Most of all, it is very safe and reliable!

We also recommend stuffed animals that can play sounds to stimulate your newborn's sense of hearing. Most important of all, pick stuffed animals that are safe. Make sure that they do not have any attachments and that the eyes, buttons, etc are tightly attached to the toy. That's why we recommend the LeapFrog Hug & Learn Baby Tad Plush. It is designed for babies and toddlers ages 1 to 3. It can teach your child shapes, colors, activities, and songs. It also plays classical music, ideal for bedtime. You will be amazed how your baby interacts with the toy and how the toy can teach your baby new words.

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