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Spanish for kids DVDs are a great way to teach children Spanish. DVDs are entertaining and can make learning Spanish easy. If you have given up on books or Spanish lesson CDs, try DVDs! We have selected a few DVDs that are designed for children meaning that children will not only enjoy the programs but also find them easy to use.

These Spanish lesson DVDs usually teach basic spanish words through various stories and through repetition. Characters usually speak slowly and the stories are designed so that young viewers can memorize words and expressions easily. For example, in one story, characters meet other characters and children learn how to greet. Another example would be a nice song that teaches about counting.

spanish for kids learn spanish
Price: $16.59
Age: 4 and up
Skill: languages
The first DVD that we recommend is Spanish for Kids: Learn Spanish. It is designed for children and for beginners (we have selected here level 1 keeping in mind that other levels are available as your child progresses). The DVD features fun animated characters that children will enjoy such as Chiquita the Chihuaha.

It teaches words and conversational Spanish through repetition and through songs including what to say when you meet someone, how to greet, how to count, the various colors, etc. We like the fact that the characters speak in authentic Spanish. There are also fun interactive games included. On the negatives, the music is sometimes a little loud so make sure that you have your finger on the volume button when the music starts!

Another DVD or rather DVD set that we recommend is Kid Start Spanish. The set includes four DVDs, a CD containing nice Spanish songs, a book, flash cards, games and applications. Each lesson is about 20 mns (one lesson per day). What we like about this set is the learning system that is being used: kids really learn Spanish in 20 mns a day.

The lessons are short, the games and apps are fun and keep children interested in learning, the flash cards are really well-designed and the videos are very entertaining. On the negatives, the apps are only for the Iphone and it is a little more pricy that other Spanish lesson DVDs.
kids start spanish
Price: $199.99
Age: 4 and up
Skill: history

Spanish for Kids
Fun program and characters
Authentic Spanish
Interactive games
Loud music
Kids Start Spanish
Learning system
Book and CD included
Entertaining games
Apps only for Apple

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