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sorry board imageThe Sorry board game is a fun family game! It also enhances kids counting skills as players must count in order to determine where they can move their pawns. It can be played by 2 to 4 players and it is recommended for children ages 6 and above (however it can be played by even younger children as the rules of the game are fairly simple and easy to grasp).

It was designed in the late 1920s in England (but it was sold starting from 1934) and is based on the ancient Cross and Circle game called Parcheesi. The Sorry board game includes 16 pawns and one deck of cards. In the game, players have to select a Start and Home base and four pawns movers. They draw cards with instructions which determine how they will move on the board. They have to race around the board to the Home space faster than the other players. They also have to try to slow the progress of other players and send them backwards, hence the name of the game “Sorry!”.

What is the educational value of this board game? The Sorry game enhances kids’ counting skills as they have to count using the instructions on the cards. It also requires a bit of strategy and therefore promotes thinking and concentration. Sorry! is also based on luck,which makes the game more fun and allows less clever players to win every so often.

But what’s great about this game is not only its educational value (as it enhances counting skills) but the fact that it can be enjoyed by both adults and children. Actually children as young as 5 year old can learn the rules of the game and even beat adults. There is also an adult version of the game which is described on the Sorry rules sheet. In the adult version, players draw not one but five cards which renders the game more complicated and less based on luck.

Overall, Sorry! is a great family game, ideal on a rainy day, that children, adults and even seniors can enjoy! And we highly recommend it because it is simple and easy to play and yet requires players to think and strategize. Therefore, if you are looking for a board game, this is a perfect first board game, that you can be keep and play with for years.

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