Solar Power Toys

Solar power toys are fun to play with and they teach kids about electricity, solar power and green energy. Seing a car toy or a windmill run on solar power can really be a fascinating experience for a child. It can also inspire her or him to learn more about solar energy and spark an interest in science.

There are many toys that you can get that run on solar energy. For example, car toys that are powered by solar energy, windmills, insect toys (little plastic insects that walk using solar power), etc. There also solar power kits that let children build little machines (fo example levers, ovens) that run on solar power.

When choosing a solar toy make sure that it works. Often times, the solar cells do not provide enough power to the electric motor even under very bright sunlight. There are many such toys being sold out there that simply do not work. Make sure that you avoid them to avoid having a very frustrating experience (which will defeat the purpose of showing your kid how amazing solar energy can be).

solar car toy
Price: $2.20
Age: 5 and up
Skill: science
One solar power toy that we like is the Solar Car (ages 5 and above) designed by a company which specializes on educational toys that use solar power. What we like about this toy is that it's a little car and as we all know children love to play with car toys. That's why if you are planning to buy matchbox cars, we recommend that you also get a few of these little car toys. Besides they are very cheap.

There are also very tiny (the size of a thumb) that's why they are not appropriate for children below the age of 3. They have a solar panel on top and they go very fast. You can be certain that children will LOVE playing with them. And these cars are a great way to show children how solar power can be used.

Another kids solar toy that we like is the Educational Solar Windmill Kit. What we like about it is that it looks really nice (great decoration) and that it's easy to assemble (no glue needed). What we also like about it is that it works very well even on a cloudy day. Overall a great educational toy that can teach children the wonders of solar energy. solar windmill
Price: $19.99
Age: 5 and up
Skill: science

Solar Car
Goes fast
Fun car toy
Very cheap
Rubber tires
Solar Windmill Kit
Nice look
Easy to assemble
Works well

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