Riding toys for toddlers

Choosing the right riding toys for toddlers is not an easy task. There are so many ride on toys in the market that it can be quite a challenge for parents to choose the right one.

Ride on toys help toddlers exercise and develop their muscles and improve their physical coordination skills. You should always choose a riding toy that is age and weight appropriate so that it is safe for your child. And you should always check the recommendations made by the manufacturer. Make sure that you consider your child's size, that the toy is easy to maneuver and that it is not too big or too small for your toddler.

Riding toys for toddlers, for ages two and under usually sit low to the ground so that toddlers can sit on the toy and have their little legs reach the ground. Riding toys for older children usually have a higher seat. Get a ride on toy that will work for your child. For example, if your toddler cannot stay balanced choose a tricycle instead of a two-wheeled bike. If they don't know how to use pedals yet, chose a toy without pedals.

We do not recommend battery-operated riding toys even though they can be fun. Remember that you want your toddler to exercise and ride the toy by pushing his feet to the floor!

fisher price ready steady trike

Fisher-Price Ready Steady Ride-On

We recommend the Fisher-Price Ready Steady Ride-On. This toy is great value for money! Toddlers use their legs to move the ride on toy. It has a wide seat for sitting stability and a wide front-wheel so that the riding toy doesn't tip easily.

Of all the ride on toys, we believe that this one is one of the most stable and most easiest to get on and off and to ride around. This riding toy is ideal if you want your toddler to strengthen his leg muscles and gain the confidence needed to begin walking.

Another of riding toys for toddlers that we recommend is the Playskool Step Start Walk 'n Ride. It includes two toys in one. One walker that helps toddlers to learn to stand and walk. One ride on toy that toddlers can use to ride around the house as they grow older.

The product made by Hasbro is very safe, with a wheel-lock mechanism that only adults can activate, and very sturdy. Younger children usually love this toy and the fact that they can use it in both modes. We believe that this toy is a great investment as it can accomplish two functions.

If you are looking for a high quality, beautiful and durable ride on toy, we recommend the Radio Flyer Classic Tiny Trike. It is beautifully crafted, made of solid wood, it has chrome handlebars and a ringing bell. It is also safe and stable: the extra wide front wheelbase and four wheels provides maximum balance. It is lightweight.

And unlike other ride on toys, it turns with ease and rolls well over a variety of surfaces even over area rugs. A great choice if you are looking for toddler riding toys.

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