Pizza Fraction Fun Game 

pizza fraction fun


•  Pizza Fraction Fun is a fun pizza game that teaches children about fractions.
•  Award-winning game.

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Pizza Fraction Fun Game review

The Pizza Fraction Fun Game (for ages 6-12) is an award-winning game which goes to show the educational value of this game.

Children play 7 games which involve building pizzas with 13 pizzas (with one side of each pizza showing the fractions). For example, one game is about identifying fractions, another game is about finding a fraction less than or equal to 1. There is also a game about finding equivalent fractions and a game about adding and subtracting fractions.

We like the fact that there are so many games as it make the game more fun to play and as it helps kids understand fractions really well. And we like the very realistic look of the pizza and the fact that the pizzas are very durable. The only drawback is that this game will make you really hungry for pizza especially considering the very realistic look of the slices!

Skills developed: math, fractions

Pizza Fraction is about identifying, matching and adding and subtraction fractions. This is something children learn at school when they reach the age of 8-9. Therefore this game is great for learning fractions.

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