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German for kids DVDs are a great way to learn German. Children learn a foreign language all while watching a fun and entertaining program. We have selected a few DVDs that we believe are among the best that you can get among all the programs available in the market today. If you are trying to teach your toddler or your young child German, these would definitely be a great choice!

little pim german
Price: $49.95
Age: 2-7
Skill: languages
German lesson DVDs for children are great because they usually feature fun characters that children enjoy. These characters speak slowly and clearly and teach basic words and various expressions. The episodes are designed so that words are repeated many times. This allows children to easily memorize and pronounce them.

The first DVD that we recommend is the award-winning Little Pim: German (we recommend it for ages 2-7). The program features a panda called Little Pim and his children friends. Children participate in everyday activities and learn hundreds of words and sentences in the process. For example, it's mealtime and Little Pim goes to eat with his friends. Children learn German words and expressions related to food and eating, words that they can also use in real life. There is also a part where Little Pim wakes up. Children learn how to say "good morning" or the word "bed" in German. The episodes are short, the lessons are easy for young children to grasp and they are also very entertaining to watch.

Bilingual Baby: Teach Baby German is another great choice when it comes to teaching your young child German. It is designed for children ages 1 to 5 but we believe that even children slightly older than 5 can enjoy it and use it to learn German. This program presents everyday objects, easy to recognize for toddlers such as teddy bears, toys, animals. The words are written on the screen, great if you cannot perfectly understand the word or sentence and it is another way to encourage you child to also read the word (and acquire reading skills in the process). The only negative is that there is no storyline here (unlike Little Pim) but it remains entertaining to watch and it is ideal for toddlers and younger children (or even for adults who want to learn basic words).

If you are interested in teaching your child foreign languages, we recommend that you take a look at our foreign languages for kids section where you will find a selection of books, CDs, DVDs and more that can teach children foreign languages!
teach baby german
Price: $14.99
Age: 1-5
Skill: music

Little Pim
Teaches words and expressions
Short episodes
Bilingual Baby
Teaches German words
Designed for young children
Fun to watch
No storyline

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