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Geography board games are great family games that both children and parents can play for example on a rainy Sunday afternoon. They are also a great way to learn geography as children memorize countries and cities and their location on a map. By playing a good geography game for a few hours, kids memorize the capital cities in Europe, the states and capitals in the United States, the continents and more. It is actually amazing to see how much children can learn just by playing a board game.

Geography board games are about answering questions on countries, cities and continents. By correctly answering the questions, players are able to move their chips on the board. What makes such games a lot fun is the fact that the questions tend to focus on interesting facts about a country or a city. Some strategy is also involved.

The board is usually a large map of the world. Players travel from one location to another on the map and discover and learn about places. Kids enjoy these games because they play just like any other board game with the added benefit that they learn about the geography of world since all the games have a geography focus. These games are also designed to be enjoyed by adults which is another reason why a geography game can be a good reason for the family to get together.

The best geography board games

10 days board game

10 Days Geography Board Game

We have selected three board games with a geography focus: Out of the Box USA, Africa, Asia, Europe (also known as the 10 Days Geography game), Brain Quest Around the World and Name that Country Game.

The Out of the Box series geography board games also known as the 10 Days board game ( for ages 8 and above) has received numerous awards including the Dr. Toy's "Smart Play Smart Toy Award". There are different geography games with different themes (USA, Asia, Africa, etc) meaning that each board game is focused on one country (for example: the USA) or one continent (for example: Asia). Therefore each board game covers only one single region of the world which means that players learn a lot about this region and its geography. The geography game is fun: players travel a country by jet, car and on foot unlike other board games where you just move a chip on the board. Here there is some excitement for example as players travel by jet from city A to city B. We just wished that there were even more countries available so that players could explore more places.

Name that Country Game by Educational Insights (ages 8 and above) starts at the post office. Players twirl a spinner and select one country out of 60. If the player correctly identifies the country's location on the map, he or she may advance along the path to the finish. What we like about this game is the spinner which makes the game really fun. We also like the fact that it is relatively simple and easy to play. One drawback though is that the game can become too easy to play once players have memorized all the countries.

In Brain Quest Around The World by University Games (ages 8 and above), players explore the world and answer questions about different cities, countries and continents. One of the drawbacks of this game is that it is not always easy to purchase it online (on sites such as Amazon). Another drawback is that it is more expensive than other board games with a geography focus. However, one should take into account the quality of the game namely the quality of the questions which range from easy to difficult and the fact that the game is very educational.

Overall, we believe that the Out of the Box games are among the best geography games that you can get. They are a lot of fun, they are very educational and they are good value for money.

Brain Quest
Various questions of various degree of difficulty
Map of the world
Not always easy to find online
More expensive than other games
Name that Country
Learn about countries
Spinner makes it fun
Can become too easy
Out of the Box
One region per board game
Fun to play
Award winning game
Not many countries

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