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French for kids DVDs are great if you are you looking for ways to get your child to learn French. They make learning French fun and easy. They are designed for children meaning that they contain fun characters and stories that kids can enjoy. And they make learning the French language easy. The characters speak slowly and the words and sentences are repeated many times so that children can memorize them. We have selected two DVDs that we believe are among the best that you can get and that you can easily order online.

bonjour les amis
Price: $14.99
Age: 0-8
Skill: languages
For younger children (ages 3 and above), we recommend Bonjour Les Amis!. It features a cat called Moustache that lives various adventures that children will enjoy. For example, in one adventure, Moustache meets animals friends and greets them and children learn how to greet in French ("bonjour monsieur..."). In another adventure Moustache will sing a French song (songs are also a great way to learn a language). What we like about it is that it uses animal characters (and we know that children love animals). The characters speak slowly and the phrases are said many times so that younger children can understand keeping in mind that this DVD is designed for younger children. Furthermore, the animals characters speak with a French accent unlike other French lessons DVDs.

Another French for kids DVD that we recommend is Learn French with Penelope and Pezi. Here real actors play and they speak with real French accents unlike many other French lessons DVDs (that have actors that speak French with a heavy American accent). The DVD is designed for children and for beginners so children can easily learn new words all while watching a fun program. The program involves going to a birthday party, cooking, learning how to greet, count and includes many interactive games and nice songs. There is also a booklet provided that reviews all the dialogues in the DVD, very useful if you or your child want to review a lesson before you play it again. Don't expect a great production though. The film is simple, and accomplishes its objective which is to learn basic French words and expressions to children. french for kids dvd
Price: $25.99
Age: 0-8
Skill: languages

Bonjour Les Amis!
French accent
Fun animal characters
Easy to understand
Old fashioned
Learn French with Penelope
French accent
Entertaining program
Booklet provided
Production quality

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