Classical music for babies

Classical music for babies have a positive effect on a baby’s brain. When they are born, infants develop millions of brain cells. Their millions of brain cells make connections. There are activities that help these brain cells make more connections and research has shown that listening to classical music is one of these activities.

By making more connections they develop certain thinking skills. Some parents have even gone has far as playing classical music to the unborn baby in the womb. There are many toys that play classical music (for example, baby mobiles, phonics toys or baby laptop computers). There are also classical music for babies CDs that you can get.

classical music for babies
The Mozart Effect - Music for babies
Baby Einstein has the Lullaby Classics. This CD contains a selection of classical music pieces that are soothing (they help the baby go to sleep) and that introduce babies to classical music. However, please note that the pieces are designed for babies meaning that they are not being played by large professional orchestras but rather they are simplified pieces for babies.

We also like The Mozart Effect - Music for Babies. This classical music CD contains a beautiful selection of Mozart pieces specifically selected for being soothing (ideal before bedtime or for helping your baby relax).

To the difference of the Baby Einstein Lullaby Classics, the pieces are played by orchestras. However the CD is designed for babies meaning they are not for adults (or classical music experts). The melodies are lightly played (fewer musical instruments are being used) so that babies can actually appreciate them better.

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