Baby development

Expert studies have shown that the first five years of life (from age 0 to 5) have the most significant impact on how the brain develops and on how the child learns and grows. Did you know that 90% of the adult brain is formed by the age of 5?

For the baby brain to develop, the brain cells need to be active and make connections. The more the baby’s brain is stimulated, the more it is able to make connections and make your child smarter as a result. What happens at a very early age also has implications on the child’s intelligence but also on his personality and character.

How should parents interact with their baby?

Studies have proven that at a very early age (from age 0 to 1) it is very important for parents to show love and affection for the baby’s brain to grow correctly. Babies that do not receive plenty of love and attention from their parents, tend to grow less rapidly and to become depressed, unstable and insecure as they reach adult age.

Therefore hugging, cuddling and showing love is important. It is also important to interact with your baby a lot. Show him or her a lot of attention and respond to the baby's needs. For example, when your baby is crying, hold him or her in your arms and try to comfort. Mirror the baby's feelings. And play with him/her. Important: it is also important for the baby to be around people that also show affection.

How do babies learn and what else do they do? Babies mostly play. Choose toys that can stimulate your baby’s brain in a positive way. That’s where we come into play to advise you on the right baby toys.

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