Art Books for Kids

Art books for kids help children develop an interest in arts and painting. Involvement in arts opens children's minds, improves their general knowledge and allows them to express their creativity. A child with an arts education also tends to be more knowledgeable about other subjects.

Every home should have at least one art book. Art books are enjoyable, both children and adults love going through the beautiful images and learning about the various periods in art history. These books teach not only about art history and the various styles and painting techniques. They also teach about literature, world history, religion, science etc and therefore enhance children's education and general culture.

Price: $20.99
Age: 8 and up
Skill: art

Children's Book of Art

We recommend two children art books. The first one is called Children's Book of Art (for ages 8 and up) designed by DK Publishing (which is specialized in educational children's books). This book is truly an art history book. It starts from prehistoric times with cave wall paintings found in France to modern art (19th century onwards). The book contains a description of various artists (for example Monet, Van Gogh), styles (for example, Impressionism, Surrealism) and cultures through many time periods. It also teaches about the various techniques used (for example, how to create various colors, how to paint a landscape). The colorful images in the book are beautiful and the book is rich in information all while being easy to read.

Price: $11.46
Age: 8 and up
Skill: art

13 Artists Children Should Know

Another children art book that we recommend is 13 Artists Children Should Know (for ages 8 and above). This book focuses on painters and unlike the DK publishing book does not cover the entire history of arts. However, it is a great book packed with beautiful images of artwork and full of information about painters such as Matisse, Da Vinci, Chagall, Van Gogh, including their biography and their works.

These books can be a great resource for (art) teachers in the classroom or for parents homeschooling their kids. They can also make for great birthday gifts. By the way, if your child is interested in painting, take a look at our section covering art easels and painting sets for kids.

Children's Book of Art
Entire art history
Covers painting and sculpture
Teaches about techniques
13 Artists Children Should Know
Focus on artists
Beautiful images
Only key artists covered

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